Ravi Kishan Takes Swipe at Rahul Gandhi on Bungalow Return, Says ‘This is PM Modi’s big heart’

PM Modi

PM Modi: A day after his reinstatement to the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi received back his MP housing, the bungalow at 12 Tughlaq Lane. BJP MP Ravi Kishan remarked that this demonstrated PM Modi’s generous nature. The MP residence was not PM Modi’s own property, the Congress retorted.

Rahul Gandhi’s Return to Lok Sabha and Bungalow

Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in the 2019 Modi surname case was stayed by the Supreme Court on Friday, which allowed Rahul Gandhi to regain his Lok Sabha seat. In accordance with convention, the Lok Sabha House Committee redistributed his bungalow, which he had abandoned in April. “Mera ghar pura Hindustan hai (My home is this entire country),” Rahul Gandhi said on reports of 12 Tughlaq Lane being reallotted to him.

BJP’s Ravi Kishan Hails ‘Big Heart’ of PM Modi

“This is PM Modi’s big heart. This is how the BJP government thinks. Your conviction is on stay but still you got back your bungalow. This is large-heartedness. Accept this and praise. You belong to one proud party. You have turned Congress into ‘ghamandia’. But congratulations on getting back your bungalow. This is how our PM is,” BJP MP Ravi Kishan said. The MP bungalow that Rahul Gandhi received back, according to Congresswoman Supriya Shrinate, is not PM Modi’s paternal property; rather, it was obtained by the votes of the public, not through PM Modi’s favour. Rahul Gandhi was searching for a new address after leaving his official house, where he had been living since 2004 — the year he first became an MP. Rahul Gandhi then remained with his mother Sonia Gandhi at 10 Janpath. According to certain sources, he was getting ready to rent out B2 Nizamuddin East, the former home of Sheila Dikshit, the former chief minister of Delhi.

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