Rahul Gandhi Starts Quest for New Residence, Opts Not to Return to 12, Tughlaq Lane

Rahul Gandhi: Following the reinstatement of his membership, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader and MP from Wayanad, was offered his previous residence. However, recent reports suggest that Rahul Gandhi has expressed his reluctance to relocate to the bungalow located at 12 Tughlaq Lane. He conveyed this decision through a letter addressed to the Housing Committee. Notably, this bungalow had been allocated to Rahul Gandhi 19 years ago during his tenure as the MP from Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi’s no response on reallocation

The Lok Sabha House Committee’s 15-day timeframe for Rahul Gandhi to decide on the re-allotment of his bungalow at 12, Tughlaq Lane concluded on Wednesday. Notably, the Congress leader has not confirmed acceptance within this period. While party insiders indicate that the allotment hasn’t been outright rejected, they also acknowledge that Rahul’s decision not to return to the bungalow could potentially be interpreted as his silent form of protest.

Recent reports indicate that Rahul Gandhi is actively exploring alternative housing options. On August 16, he visited 7 Safdarjung Lane in the company of his sister Priyanka. It’s noteworthy that this bungalow was once owned by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. On August 8, following the restoration of Rahul Gandhi’s membership, the Lok Sabha Housing Society allocated a bungalow for him at 12 Tughlaq Lane.

Why did Rahul Gandhi vacate the house?

Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership was suspended due to his conviction in the Modi surname case by a Gujarat court. He was directed to vacate the residence he had been living since 2005. This action came after the Surat court pronounced him guilty in a defamation case on March 24, resulting in a two-year ban. Subsequently, the Lok Sabha Secretariat nullified his parliamentary membership, leading to the retrieval of the bungalow he had been residing in.

Rahul Gandhi complied with the one-month deadline and vacated the bungalow on April 22, choosing to reside with his mother, Sonia Gandhi, at her residence on 10, Janpath. Departing from the bungalow, Rahul expressed that his punishment was a consequence of his commitment to speaking the truth. Despite the house being bestowed upon them by the Indian citizens, he conveyed their disinclination to return to the property that was reclaimed. In response to a query regarding the bungalow, he emphasized that the entire India is his home.

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