Rahul Gandhi faces disqualification from Lok Sabha? Congress to challenge ruling

Rahul Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi was found guilty of slander, and the Congress summoned a meeting of opposition leaders today. Twelve opposition party representatives gathered in Congress leader and leader of the opposition Mallikarjun Kharge’s parliamentary office. Rahul Gandhi arrived at the Lok Sabha this morning but left shortly after because of protests, which caused the session to be postponed till 12 o’clock.

Opposition parties will march from Parliament to the Rashtrapati Bhavan

According to the Congress, today, opposition parties march from Parliament to the Rashtrapati Bhavan at approximately 11:20 a.m. The party said that it had asked President Droupadi Murmu for more time so they could make their case. For a comment made on the campaign trail in 2019 that appeared to suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a criminal, Rahul Gandhi, 52, was found guilty of defamation. To allow him to appeal the ruling, he was given bail and his sentence was suspended for 30 days.

Harassment practised by the Modi government

“The survival of our democracy is at stake, so this is not simply a legal matter but also a very important political one. This is a perfect illustration of the politics of retaliation, threats, intimidation, and harassment practised by the Modi government “Reporters were briefed by senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh following the party’s strategy meeting last night. The Surat court’s decision is the most recent legal action taken against opposition party leaders and organisations that are thought to be critical of the Modi administration.

Party chief would meet with the leaders of the Congress Legislative Party

According to Jairam Ramesh, the two-hour discussion at the home of Congress president M. Kharge resulted in the decision that the Party chief would meet with the leaders of the Congress Legislative Party and the Pradesh Congress chiefs in the evening to discuss state agitations. The main opposition party will also stage protests over the issue in Delhi and other regions starting on Monday.

It will contest the defamation lawsuit judgement in a higher court

Ramesh said, We’ll also take legal action to fight this. We will exercise our legal rights, but this is also a political struggle. We’ll combat it head-on, without quitting, without fear, and we’ll also make it a major political issues. The Congress has stated that it will contest the defamation lawsuit judgement in a higher court because it is “erroneous and unsustainable” and that it hopes the ruling will be stayed and overturned. In a 2013 ruling, the Supreme Court had stated that if a sentence of two years or more is handed down, any MP or MLA stands disqualified from the moment of his conviction.

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Lok Sabha secretariat is required to make a statement

Law experts claim Rahul Gandhi is “automatically” disqualified as a result of his conviction and two-year sentence. However, the Lok Sabha secretariat is required to make a statement. In the 2019 election campaign, Rahul Gandhi, 52, said, “Why do all thieves have Modi as (their) common surname?” This led to the prosecution against him.

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