Punjab Police Empowers Its Fight With BSF Against Drug Trade


Punjab’s Special Director General of Police for Law and Order, Arpit Shukla, has issued instructions to police commissioners and district police chiefs to identify and seize properties belonging to major drug smugglers involved in trading substantial amounts of narcotics. The state police have managed to confiscate and take possession of 30 properties worth approximately 12.99 crore rupees this year alone, according to Shukla.

Shukla has devised a comprehensive plan in collaboration with the Border Security Force

In an effort to combat the issue, Shukla has devised a comprehensive plan in collaboration with the Border Security Force (BSF). This plan aims to disrupt the entire drug supply network and counteract the growing use of drones for smuggling drugs across the border. This new technique of employing drones as a means of smuggling has become a significant challenge.

Shukla, along with Dr. Atul Fulzele, the IG of BSF’s Frontier Headquarters in Jalandhar, conducted a collaborative coordination and review meeting. This meeting brought together high-ranking officials from various agencies, including the BSF, Punjab Police, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), and other central organizations. The focus of the meeting was to strengthen security measures at the state border in order to prevent illicit cross-border smuggling.

Several key officials were in attendance at this meeting, including Inspector General of Police Pradeep Yadav, DIG of Ferozepur Range Ranjit Singh Dhillon, and six DIGs from the BSF. The primary goal of this gathering was to enhance border security and disrupt the activities of drug traffickers using innovative methods.

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