PM Netanyahu’s chair is safe! Law changed in Parliament, know what changes were made

Israel Law: This controversial law has been passed by 61-47 vote in Israel’s 120-member parliament. After the passage of this law, the demonstrations became more fierce.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. (file photo)

in israel benjamin netanyahu Since becoming the Prime Minister, the public has been protesting on the streets for the amendment of the laws. Amidst all this, the Israeli Parliament passed another controversial law on Thursday. Although protests are already going on against it. On the other hand, the protesters say that due to this law in the country democracy over Will be done.

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At present, the government of Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu has approved this law. According to the information received from the media report, due to the passing of this law, no leader will be disqualified from ruling now. Apart from this, the Parliament will also get the right to interfere in the judiciary.

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What changes were made?

  • In this, apart from the appointments of judges in the court, the Parliament will also get the right to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court. Along with this, legal changes can also be made in the ongoing corruption cases against the Israeli leader.
  • The law has been passed by a 61-47 vote in Israel’s 120-seat parliament. After the passage of this law, the demonstrations became more fierce.
  • At the same time, Israel’s former PM Yair Lapid opposed this decision of the Netanyahu government and said that it is the most corrupt law till date. Lapid alleged that under the guise of this law, PM Netanyahu wants to save his chair.
  • In fact, the Netanyahu government got this law passed, bypassing the ongoing protests against the controversial laws for a long time.
  • Because of this law, Israel’s judiciary will be weakened and the power of the parliament will increase. People believe that this will make the government autocratic.
  • However, in view of the demonstrations a few days ago, PM Netanyahu had said that we are also paying attention to the views of other parties regarding the bill. He said that by the way we have already made a lot of changes in it.

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