PM Modi’s Fiery Rebuttal to No-Confidence Motion, Says ‘Opposition’s no-trust motion is auspicious for us’

PM Modi: Before responding to the vote of no-confidence put out by Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi, PM Modi appeared in Parliament. Rahul Gandhi, the head of Congress, also arrived. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is respond to the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition parties due to the violence in Manipur.

No-Confidence Motion Called ‘Auspicious’ for BJP

In response to the opposition’s no-confidence motion, PM Modi called it “auspicious” for the BJP. PM Modi is speaking in front of the Lok Sabha in response to the motion of no confidence brought by Congressman Gaurav Gogoi. The Opposition, PM Modi claimed, is only interested in its “political future” and not the future of India. PM Modi on Thursday slammed the Opposition and asked “Why don’t you prepare and come?”. He claimed that despite giving them five years to get ready, they still arrived unprepared. In response to the motion of no confidence made against him, he spoke.

PM Modi Slams Opposition’s Slogan and Calls Out Abusive Language

The Opposition’s favourite slogan, according to PM Modi, is “Modi teri kabra khudegi,” which he slammed for using “abusive” language against him. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had stated in its report that India has largely eradicated extreme poverty. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition, saying that under the guise of a no-confidence resolution, it had undermined public faith. Responding to the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition on Thursday, PM Modi said, “What kind of discussion have you done on this motion? Maine social media par dekha ki aapke darbari bhi bahut dukhi hai. Fielding Vipaksh ne organise kari lekin chauke-chakke yahi se lage. (Social media shows that your members are also very sad. The fielding was done by Opposition but fours and sixes were made from the Parliament). “We’ve taken India’s reputation to greater heights but there are some people who are trying to tarnish the image of our country in the world but today the world’s trust in India is increasing,” said PM Modi, taking a dig at the Opposition.

PM Modi’s Light-hearted Remark on Overcoming Opposition Challenges

The ‘Modi, Modi’ chants of his MPs filled Parliament as PM Modi discussed the Indian economy and how it will expand. On Thursday, PM Modi poked fun at the opposition and claimed that he is an example of how someone who is mistreated by the opposition eventually succeeds.

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