Pizza Hut became a giant company that started from a rented shop and old utensils

Pizza Hut is a well-known name in the food industry, the surprising thing is that when it started, pizza was distributed free of cost to the people to taste the test. Today it is included in the world’s largest and selected pizza companies. It has about 17 thousand restaurants and outlets worldwide. pizza Hut It was started in 1958 by two brothers Frank and Dan Carney from Kansas. Both the brothers had never imagined that one day their company would prove to be such a big name in its field.

At that time he was a college student and lived in Bishita, Kansas. His family friend John Bender gave him the idea of ​​starting a pizza business. Together they started Pizza Hut and this company made its mark worldwide. Know the full story of its journey so far…

No pizza making knowledge, no business experience

When the friend asked them to open a pizza, both the brothers liked the idea. Both took 600 dollars from the mother. The surprising thing was that both the brothers neither knew how to make pizza nor had any business experience.

Both the brothers took shop in a rented building in South Bluff of the city. Buy old utensils to prepare pizza. Started making pizza. On the very first day, both the brothers distributed free pizza in the community centers so that people could get to know its taste. This strategy worked and its effect was also visible.

Pizza Hut

Frank and Dan Carney

Hence the name Pizza Hut

After buying the shop, the struggle to name it started. The problem was that the part of the shop where the name was to be written had space for only 8 letters. That’s why they named it Pizza Hut. In this way the name with 8 letters could fit in the board of that 56 yards building.

People liked the taste of pizza so much that even before the word of mouth publicity, the company started making profits. The company caught such momentum that within a year, the Carney brothers celebrated the success by opening its first franchise in Topeka, Kansas.

Inspired by the success of the brand, both the brothers planned to expand the business. With the help of his friends and partners, he started expanding the scope of the franchise. On the occasion of festival, to increase the business, they started giving attractive offers.

Advertisement gave a boost to the business

Both the brothers were well understanding the need of the changing times. He believed that to make the product successful, its publicity is also necessary. That’s why he advertised it. In 1967, the first advertisement of Pizza Hut was released. Its publicity was also done in different local fairs. Within 10 years, 310 restaurants were opened in Canada and America. After this the company never looked back.

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