Pay attention to these features while buying AC, otherwise you will get strong ‘current’

AC Buying Guide: If you are also planning to install a new Air Conditioner at home in this summer season, then tell us what are the features that you should keep in mind before buying an AC.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Know the details

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Summer is here and many people have AC Have also started buying, if you also buy new in the house this year to avoid the scorching heat air conditioning If you are planning to install, then tell that there are many things which need to be kept in mind before buying a new AC. Today we are going to tell you about 6 such important features which you must know before buying a new AC so that you do not make any mistake while buying AC.

Must ask Star Rating

If you do not have a budget problem, then you should buy a 5 Star AC. But if you have less budget then definitely buy 3 Star AC. Explain in simple language, star rating is very important in AC, the higher the rating, the more electricity is saved. Saving electricity means saving money.

Copper compressor is necessary

While buying a new AC, do pay attention to which compressor is given in the AC you are buying. Copper compressors are better and more durable than traditional compressors. In such a situation, it is advised that while buying a new AC, buy only such a model which comes with a copper condenser.

What is the advantage of Inverter Technology AC models?

Before buying a new AC, do check whether the model AC you are going to buy comes with inverter technology or not. Please tell that this technology helps in saving electricity. With the help of this technology, your compressor does not stop and start again and again. Inverter AC helps in maintaining the temperature of the room without consuming much electricity.

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