‘Pathan’ enters Shahrukh Khan’s house by climbing the wall, what is the purpose?

Two unknown persons intruded into Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow Mannat. Both the people are residents of Gujarat and know each other. Both say that they are fans of Shah Rukh Khan and have come to meet him. At present, the police is investigating the matter.

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Mumbai: bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan The police have arrested two unknown persons who entered Mannat’s bungalow. Now more information about these two has also come to the fore. The names of both the persons who entered the house are Sahil Pathan and Ramswaroop Kushwaha. Meaning Bollywood A disguised ‘Pathan’ entered K Pathan’s house and no one even got a clue. Both the people are residents of Gujarat. At present, taking action against both of them, the police have sent them to one-day custody.

According to the Mumbai Police, both the accused are residents of Bharuch in Gujarat. Both the accused know each other and are residents of the same village. Both came together from Gujarat to Mumbai around 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. On Wednesday night itself, he was caught by the security guard posted at Mannat in the compound. In the preliminary inquiry, he has only told that he is a fan of Shahrukh and had entered inside to meet him. But the police is probing from every angle.

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During the appearance in the court, the Mumbai Police told how the accused reached Mumbai. Whom did he meet after coming to Mumbai, talked to whom on phone. During interrogation, he was also asked whether his intention was only to meet Shahrukh or he had come for some other purpose. At present the matter is being investigated and the CDR (call detail record) is being checked. On this basis, the court has sent the accused to one-day remand.

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Unknown person reached the third floor

Please tell that both the people entered through the back gate of Mannat late in the evening. Both entered Mannat by scaling the wall. The accused also spread a lot of filth around and reached the third floor of the bungalow. When the security staff caught sight, both were nabbed. The security has handed over both the accused to the Mumbai Police. By the way, when these two unknown persons entered inside Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan was not present at home. Shahrukh returned home late night around 3-4 pm after shooting for his upcoming film Jawan.

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