Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif spews venom again, compares Imran with RSS

Pakistan News: Imran appeared in the Islamabad court today i.e. on Saturday in the Toshakhana case. Till March 30, he has got relief from arrest.

Pak PM attacked Imran

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Islamabad: prime minister of pakistan shehbaz sharif today i.e. on Saturday Imran Khan He compared the RSS to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). “From using people as human shields to throwing petrol bombs at the police to intimidating the judiciary, Imran has learned all these things from the RSS book. . This statement of Sharif came at a time when the police raid was going on in Imran Khan’s house in Lahore. According to the report, there was a clash between PTOE workers and Imran during this period.

Today i.e. on Saturday, Imran appeared in the Islamabad court in the Toshakhana case. Till March 30, he has got relief from arrest. Even today the efforts of law enforcement personnel to arrest Imran Khan have been unsuccessful. According to the report of Pakistan media, today Punjab Police has arrested more than 20 PTI workers. In connection with the hearing of the Toshakhana case, a car in Imran’s convoy going to Islamabad met with an accident.

This is the Toshakhana case

On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s senior vice-president Maryam Nawaz said that the present government should deal with Imran Khan and his party workers like a terrorist organization. Imran Khan has been in controversies regarding the Toshakhana gift. There are allegations against him that he bought the gifts received during his government at a discounted price and then earned profit by selling them.

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