Nuh Hotel, Alleged Epicentre of Haryana Violence, Demolished

Haryana Violence: The latest flashpoint in the violent state of Haryana is extensive demolition work against “illegal” buildings in Nuh. The fourth day of the demolition drive has seen the Nuh district government send in bulldozers for the demolition of the Sahara Hotel. According to authorities, the hotel was built in an illegal space and the mob used it to target the procession.

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Official raze structures in the area

According to officials, the violence in Nuh erupted on Monday when certain people started throwing stones at a religious procession from the rooftop of the Sahara Hotel. In response to the attack, the crowd of over 2,500 participants sought refuge inside a temple to protect themselves.

On Saturday, nearly a dozen shops, including medical stores, were demolished. Earlier in the week, shanties belonging to migrants residing in Tauru, located about 20 km away from the violence-affected Nuh, were also cleared due to encroachments on government land.

According to officials, some of the shops and residences undergoing demolition were owned by people connected to the recent clashes. So far, approximately 50 to 60 structures in various areas have been demolished. Many people have fled the area, fearing potential arrests. The bulldozer operations have been ongoing for three days in different locations across Nuh, with authorities focusing on removing illegal encroachments that have persisted for several years.

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Violence in Haryana

On Monday, during the communal clashes in Nuh, six people lost their lives, including two home guards and a cleric. The violence erupted when a Vishva Hindu Parishad procession was targeted by mobs. As the evening wore on, the situation escalated further, with a mosque being set on fire after midnight. The unrest continued as mobs went on a rampage in Nuh and neighbouring Gurugram, resulting in the torching and vandalization of over a hundred vehicles.

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has raised suspicions of a “big game plan” behind the violence, but he has also dismissed opposition allegations of intelligence failure. On the other hand, the Nuh Superintendent of Police has stated that they have not yet discovered any evidence pointing to a mastermind starting the clashes.

106 FIRs lodged so far

As of now, a total of 106 first information reports (FIRs) have been lodged, leading to the arrest of more than 216 people. Among these FIRs, 24 pertain to social media posts, and four people have been apprehended for sharing content that may have contributed to the outbreak of violence.

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