‘Now learn something else’, when a girl made fun of Tansen, the master of ragas

Mughal Emperor Akbar Tansen, who was Navratna, became famous all over the world because of his singing. Madhya Pradesh Born in a Brahmin family in Gwalior, Akbar was so impressed by the singing of Tansen that he included him in his Navratnas and his name was recorded in history. But there is also an interesting anecdote related to Tansen, when a girl challenged his singing.

In fact, Hazrat Mohammad Gaus of Gwalior taught music to Tansen from well-known musicians. To get the next round of education, Tansen turned to the south.

When Tansen was made fun of?

After taking 5 years of education, Tansen went to the daughter of Bakshu, a famous musician of the south, to take lessons in ragas. Tansen had heard that Bakshu’s daughter could teach him ragas. When Tansen reached him, he asked to narrate something. When Tansen sang his song, he did not like it at all and said – now learn something else.

After hearing this, Tansen came back from South. He told the whole incident to his guru. Guru told to be patient. He said, be patient, a day will come when she will appreciate your singing.

that dream brought change

The same things kept revolving in Tansen’s mind which Bakshu’s daughter had said. He fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream, he saw that an old man was reminding him of many special Dhrupads. I remembered all of them in such a way that after waking up I memorized them very well. His teacher said, it seems that Bakshu has given you the mastery in singing.

When Tansen was convinced that he was capable of standing in front of Bakshu’s daughter, he returned to the south and sang a song in front of her. She was stunned after listening to the song. In this way, he taught Tansen, for whose desire he reached South.After completing the education of ragas, there was no place for Tansen’s happiness.

Studied 16 thousand ragas for Akbar

The interesting thing is that the Tansen who had to go south to get the education of ragas and had to face mockery, the same Tansen studied 16 thousand ragas at the behest of Akbar. Collected special information of 360 locks. Not only this, he created many records in the world of music.

In that period, the characteristics of ragas and talas were recorded in a magazine named Tansen. Historians write that Tansen invented many raginis along with giving a new look to the old ragas. Among these, many raginis including Miyan Ka Malhar, Miyan Ki Todi and Miyan Ka Sarang were in discussion.

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