Now America’s visa will be available in a few weeks, 60% reduction in interview waiting time

Regarding issuing visas to Indians, the US official said that a person who has traveled to the US before can get a visa in less than two weeks. We are working to improve it further.


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For those going from India to America news of relief Is. in the last few months american visa There has been a huge reduction in the interview time to get through. means earlier than you have to go to America visa interview Will not have to wait long.

According to a PTI report, Julie Stuft, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Visa Services Department, said that efforts are being made to reduce the interview waiting time for US visas in India. Due to the efforts made in the last few months, there has been a reduction of 60 percent in the waiting time, which is a matter of relief for the visa seekers.

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The US official said that several steps have been taken to reduce the waiting time for visa interview and efforts are being made to improve continuously. Under the new effort, the number of American officers in India is being increased. Along with this, diplomatic missions are being opened at other places as well.

America is increasing the number of officers in India

Julie Stuft has told that the US State Department has set a target of issuing about one million visas this year, which is more than before the epidemic. He said that we have increased the number of officers in India. We are opening a new consulate in Hyderabad. At this point of time our full focus is only on how we can reduce the waiting time for our visa in India.

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The US official said that we want Indians to be able to apply for visas in their country and we will get there. He said that more than 100 American diplomatic missions are giving visas to the people of India. He emphasized that the US State Department is working hard to reduce the waiting time in India.

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