Not only allopathy, this Ayurvedic treatment is also effective in preventing influenza

Influenza A subtypes in India H3N2 virus (Influenza A subtype H3N2)The cases are increasing rapidly. According to reports, so far 5 people have died due to this virus in the country. The world has not yet recovered from the hit of Corona that this new virus has increased the concern of the people. In this virus also, symptoms like continuous cough, fever, body pain and sore throat are visible. People have started comparing it with Kovid. Questions begin to arise whether this is another virus like Covid? Does the immunity start going down rapidly in this too?

By the way, indigenous methods can be adopted to avoid it like Kovid. Ayurveda specialist and doctor R.P. Parashar, Chief Medical Officer (Ayurveda), Municipal Corporation of Delhi has told about many home remedies and herbs. Dr. says that these Ayurvedic remedies are very effective in reducing diseases including strengthening the immune system.

Learn which Ayurvedic remedies are effective in preventing H3N2

Take help of this herb

According to Dr. Parashar, Ayurvedic medicines like Sitopaladi Churna, Talisadi Churna, Lakshmi Vilas Ras, Kafketu Ras, Sanshamani Vati, Sanjivani Vati, Sudarshan Ghan Vati, Trilokyachintamani Ras, Samirpannag Ras etc. are panacea for the treatment of influenza. The special thing is that after consuming them, you can get rid of the disease within three to five days.

persistent cough treatment

The biggest symptom of influenza is a persistent cough. To eliminate the frozen phlegm in the body, people are taking more allopathic medicines like antibiotics. While its Ayurvedic treatment is Chyawanprash, Agastya Haritaki or Vasavleh is best. Experts say that you should use it twice a day with warm milk or tea.

Do these remedies for sore throat

Apart from this, taking tablets of Eladi Vati, Lavangadi Vati or Vyoshadi Vati gives instant relief in the problem of sore throat. Experts say that once a day you must take a bath with lukewarm water. Apart from this, massage the body by humming mustard or sesame oil before taking bath.

How to make desi cough syrup

If you want to consume desi cough syrup, then there are many options for this also. Use any Ayurvedic cough syrup made from Vasa, Bharangi, Vrihti, Tulsi, Baheda, Jufa, Mulethi, Kantakari, Somlata, Baheda, Kakadasingi, Gulbanafsha, Kayfal Apamarg Kshar, Pudina Sattva, Kulanjan, Pippali, etc. herbs.

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