Noor Shekhawat Becomes 1st Transgender To Get Admission In Rajasthan University

Noor Shekhawat, a 30-year-old individual from Rajasthan, has achieved several remarkable milestones in her journey. She recently made history in the state by becoming the first transgender person to be issued a birth certificate reflecting her true gender identity. This accomplishment allowed her to secure admission into a college affiliated with Rajasthan University, marking her as the state’s pioneering transgender student in this regard.

The Central Admission Committee of Rajasthan University made a special consideration for Noor Shekhawat’s admission, welcoming her into Maharani College for her first year of a BA program. Beyond her pursuit of education, she also expressed her intention to participate in the student union elections.

Noor Shekhawat recalled her previous educational experiences, noting that after completing her secondary schooling in 2013, she enrolled in a college at Rajasthan University to study Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Unfortunately, she encountered severe discrimination that led her to leave college. She described this period as a distressing mental ordeal. Years later, when she decided to rekindle her educational aspirations, the absence of a birth certificate reflecting her true gender identity became a significant obstacle. She revealed that her parents had concealed her transgender identity due to the limitations of the birth certificate system, resulting in her being categorized as male.

Notably, Noor Shekhawat recently received Rajasthan’s inaugural transgender birth certificate, a significant achievement facilitated by Bhanwarlal Bairwa, Director of the Economic and Statistics Department and Chief Registrar (Births and Deaths). This certificate will now be accessible through the corporation’s portal, alongside records of individuals identifying as male or female. Her newly acquired certificate played a pivotal role in her admission to Maharani College.

Furthermore, Noor Shekhawat holds the distinction of being the first transgender individual in Rajasthan to obtain a driver’s license, a rights milestone established by a 2011 ruling by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). In addition to her educational pursuits, she also manages her own non-governmental organization (NGO).

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