NIA clamps down on Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh, prevented him from going to Dubai, questioned for 2 hours

Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh was stopped from going to Dubai from Chandigarh airport. The National Investigation Agency has clamped down on Sidhu Musewala in the murder case.

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Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case (Sidhu Moose WalaAfter ) once again the name of Mankirat Aulakh is making headlines. National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken a dig at Mankirt. Actually, he was stopped from going to Dubai at Mohali International Airport. After which he was also questioned for two hours. If reports are to be believed, he was not allowed to go abroad during interrogation. However, after this Mankirat Aulakh (Mankirt Aulakh) came back to his home. It is being told that the screws are being tightened on him regarding the Sidhu Moosewala case.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, Tosinger Mankirat Aulakh was going to perform a show in Dubai on Friday with two of his colleagues. NIA was already informed about his program. After which he had a flight to Dubai at around 5.30 pm. In such a situation, the NIA team reached the airport and stopped the singer on sight. After stopping, he was questioned at the airport itself. After which he was warned that he cannot go abroad like this.

At the same time, this is not the first time that the NIA team has questioned him. Even before this, the team has called him to Delhi and questioned him. Not only this, according to a recent report in Hindustan Times, a senior airport official has told that even his passport has been taken from Singer. However, Mankirat Aulakh has made it clear from the beginning that he had no hand in the Sidhu Moosewala murder case. Nor did he have anything to do with that case.

After all this, in the evening, while sharing a video story on his official Instagram, Mankirat Aulakh said that his show was booked at Vii Club in Dubai. But, due to some technical reasons, he could not reach the event. He said, “I will soon announce the new date for this event.”

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