Newly Built Airport to connect Ayodhya with 3 other Metropolitan cities, check details

UP News: In some Good News for Passengers travelling from the Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, an upcoming airport from Ayodhya will be directly connected with the national capital and three other major cities. The airport will be named as Maryada Purshottam Shriram International Airport. The Director of the airport said that the first phase of the airport operations will  hopefully begin in the month of November. The airport will connect with Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The airport is built in 3 phases in over 821 acres of land.

Construction of ATC Tower Completed

The Runway construction has been completed in the first phase. The airport is designed to handle all forms of weather and in managing day and night aircraft operations. Construction of the ATC Tower has also been completed. According to the Airport Authority of India, 78% work of the terminal building has been completed and two shifts are working in fast pace to complete the remaining work.

Parking Area for Passengers is also Ready

Construction work of the Parking area for passengers is also complete and the work for the construction of the four aircrafts is underway and is likely to get over soon. Airports Authority of India also conducted the estimate of different components being used including the instrument landing system which includes localizer, glide path and marker etc.

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