New born children are at risk of pneumonia in changing weather, learn prevention tips from doctors

Take care of the health of the newborn baby like this

Kids Health: The weather is changing. Even in May the temperature remains below 40 degrees. This change has brought relief, but newborn children can be harmed a lot. Doctors say that due to weather change, small children can suffer from many types of diseases. respiratory disease Can be a victim of. in these pneumonia There is a high probability of happening. This happens due to the activation of bacteria. In view of this, it is necessary to take care of the health of children.

Doctors say that pneumonia makes children younger than three years more victims. This infection can be serious even in newborns. Breathing problems can occur due to pneumonia. In some cases, it can even become the cause of death. In such a situation, there is a need to take special precautions.

This is a symptom of pneumonia

Pediatrician Dr. Rakesh Bagdi Told in a conversation with TV9 that the biggest symptom of pneumonia in children is persistent cough. Apart from this, he may also have mild fever. There is also loss of appetite and vomiting and diarrhea. In severe symptoms of pneumonia, the child may also have trouble breathing. In this situation, there is a need to get admitted in the hospital. Children who already have some other respiratory disease can be at great risk of pneumonia.

These children are more at risk

Dr. Rakesh says that children below the age of three are at high risk of pneumonia. The death rate from this disease is also high in these children. Pneumonia can also occur due to flu and any other viral infection. If the problem of pneumonia is visible in the child, then immediately he should be taken to the hospital. Never give antibiotics or any syrup by yourself. If there is viral pneumonia, it is easily cured, but for bacterial pneumonia, drug treatment is required.

Vaccine also protects

According to Dr. Rakesh Bagdi, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine can also be administered to prevent pneumonia infection. This vaccine is available in hospitals. After consulting your doctor, the child can get this vaccine.

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