Mystery persists for 70 years, know how the fire broke out at Soder House in West Virginia, where did the children go

West Virginia That this mysterious story should leave anyone in awe. The incident is of December 24, 1945. well-known businessmen of the area george soder The family of was preparing for Christmas. Family of husband, wife and nine children. Then suddenly in the middle of the night a fire broke out in the house, and the whole house was destroyed. But where did the five children mysteriously go from the house, no one could find out after years.

The surprising thing is that the police also refused to investigate in the end. In fact George Soder was a wealthy businessman, he had status. That’s why he didn’t do anything to make his children and wife happy. The house was decorated in a multicolored way. At midnight the whole company was gathered at the table. Favorite concert happened. Had late dinner. Everyone participated in the celebration.

when the house caught fire

The smell of burning woke up all the members of the house. Jenny woke up her husband. Ran into the corridor, ran to get the children out. But unfortunately could not save everyone. The fire had spread till the door. George also tried hard to save all the children. But he also did not get success.

It was morning. The pictures of the house were heart-wrenching. Both were standing with their four children looking at the house that had turned into ashes. The whereabouts of the rest of the children were not known. Jenny and George work to save their home. Jenny tried to call service, but someone had disconnected the telephone wire to the house. When she sent her daughter to call a neighbor’s house, the fire department didn’t pick up the phone. The staff had gone on leave.

The employees of the fire department reached Soder House at around 8 in the morning and disappointedly said – the rest of the children have been killed. He could not be saved. Even the remains of the children were not found. Soder could not sleep in gum for several weeks after this incident.

Five Children Sodder Family

George Soder also posted advertisements like this in search of his children.

suspicion of conspiracy

It is said that a few weeks before the night of the terrible accident, some extraordinary people had arrived at Soder’s house. One of them even contacted the couple and offered to insure the house. But he refused, so he started abusing. That’s why he said – your house will burn, your children will be destroyed.

Another day, Jenny and Soder saw another mysterious figure right in front of their house. The one who stayed there for a while, watched the children play for a long time and then turned and left. After this, another person reached here and introduced himself as an electrician. And suggested that he should get the wiring of his house checked. But both did not pay serious attention.

Who started the fire?

Soder began to suspect that someone had started the fire. Some neighbors said they saw someone throw something over the house. At the same time, another person put five children in the car. After knowing about this incident, the couple believed that the children were alive. He was kidnapped for revenge or ransom.

Several initiatives were taken to know the truth. Advertisement was given in newspapers. The prize was announced. Even the services of private detectives were taken. It turned out that the person who had asked for insurance was a police expert who blamed the wiring for the fire. But the search for the culprits proved to be an endless campaign.

youngest daughter alive

Only his youngest daughter, Sylvia, is alive today in the Soder family. He told his children and grandchildren the mysterious story of the abduction of his sisters and brothers and never stopped searching for them. Many times it seemed that we were getting closer to the truth, but every time it seemed that it was not the truth but a fallacy. His truth could not be known till date.

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