Mughals and Nawabs used to eat deer’s navel with golden ashes to increase masculine power

5000 women in Akbar’s harem. Patiala King Bhupinder Singh Near 350 women and 86 queens in the palace of Nizam Mir Osman of Hyderabad. These are some examples. shah jahanMany including Mohammad Shah and Ulauddin Khilji King Known for relationships with women. If we look at the history, it is known that the number of such Nawabs and emperors has been very high, who were recognized for their harem and colorfulness.

To fulfill these hobbies, he adopted different types of remedies which do not let old age dominate him and maintain manly power. Even today in his stories, such Ayurveda and Unani remedies are mentioned, which he did not fail to adopt.

From quail to potency drugs

One such incident has been recorded by Dewan Jarmani Das in his book ‘Maharaja’. He writes in his book, how was the personal life of kings and princesses under the British rule. He wrote, the Maharaja of Patiala was troubled to have sex. To increase manly power, sometimes he used to eat quail and sometimes he used to take potent drugs. Maharaja used to make every effort not to let him prove weak.

Experts say, in Greek recipes, protein was said to be necessary for this, for which they preferred to eat meat of hot effect. This was the reason why dry fruits were served with meat in their food. Apart from this, ginger, dates, garlic and onions were fed. These things with hot effect used to increase the strength. There have been some emperors who used to eat betel leaf mixed with hartal varkia herb.

boiled meat and gold ashes

An anecdote of Wajid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Awadh, became very famous in his era to increase masculine power. Nawab’s cook used to take one ashrafi from the treasury every day and prepare its golden ash. One day the courtiers refused to give him Ashrafi and from that day the taste of Nawaz’s food changed. Actually, that cook used to mix golden ashes in the food. By doing this, the taste of food used to increase and the masculine power of the Nawab used to increase.

Not only in the Nawabs, this trend was seen in the royal food of some Mughal emperors. Many types of juices and ashes have been mentioned in Ayurveda. Some Mughal emperors used to eat boiled meat and paan mixed with ashes.Tales recorded in history tell that some Mughal emperors used to eat black buck deer navel, wild rabbit and Indragop worm. They believed that they increase masculine power.

It is not at all that the kings have only benefited from these tips. Even though this has increased his manly power, but many of its side effects were also seen. Many symptoms of prostate gland were seen in kings due to power-enhancing drugs.

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