MBA Makhana Wala quit job and started start up, earning crores today

MBA Makhanawala has become an inspirational startup for many youth today. This success story is attracting the youth a lot. Because the CMs of Bihar and UP have also praised this food business.

MBA Makhana Wala a unique start up

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MBA Makhanawala (MBA Makhana Wala) Today it has become a successful brand. Such as Graduate Chaiwala, MBA Chaiwala etc. In the same way, this MBA Makhanawala has also become quite popular now. Bihar and UP government has also praised MBA Makhanawala product a lot. so as of today MBA Makhanawala Inspiring many youngsters.

today in youth start up Has a lot of craze. This success story is of an enthusiastic young man from Bihar. name is Shravan Kumar Rai, It has been believed that there is a craze among the youth to do a government job first. But government job has its limits. If everyone wants to do a government job, then where will that much job come from?

wanted to make a name for himself in the food business

Shravan Kumar Rai has had a desire to work in the food business since a long time. He hails from Tanjore in Tamil Nadu. engineering from fast food and technology completed his studies. after that he Master of Business He also completed his studies. Fox Nut Wanted to do this business because it is also very good for health.

Got a job after studies but didn’t like it

After completing the course, Shravan Kumar Rai got a job in a private company. Got a package of lakhs. But Shravan Kumar Rai left this job worth lakhs and then wanted to start his own business. The district of Bihar from which Shravan belongs is called a big center of Makhan.

Started Makhanawala

The butter of Darbhanga, Madhubani of Bihar is in demand all over the country. Looking at this market, Shravan Kumar Rai left his job and started his startup. and named- MBA Makhanawala, We often say what’s in a name, but in the world of marketing, a name has a special meaning. Shravan Kumar’s Company MBA Makhanawala Caught everyone’s attention because of its uniqueness.

Got success as soon as the company was formed

Shravan Kumar Rai started his company in the year 2019. He started making different types of products related to Makhana. Specially worked on popping makhana machine. And in this way, this brand became popular among the people.

In today’s date, Shravan Kumar Rai has emerged as an inspiration for those youths who migrate from their villages and cities. Or being disappointed on not getting a job, they sit with folded hands. Shravan Kumar is earning crores today. And giving jobs to unemployed youth.

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