Lowering the level of Bad Cholesterol also increases the risk of heart attack, revealed in the study

LDL cholesterol: Researchers say that lowering of LDL levels can affect the body’s immune system and can lead to cardiac arrest.

High cholesterol patients should not make this mistake

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Bad Cholesterol and heart disease: If you think that high level bad cholesterol (LDL)since heart attack If your risk increases, then think again. A new study says that even low levels of LDL can increase the risk of heart disease. This information has been revealed in a large-scale study based on more than 2.6 million patient records from the Korean government’s health insurance database. meaning that ldl Diabetes patients with high and low levels of K can also be at risk of heart disease.

However, the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins should not be stopped. People with high LDL levels over a long period of time have a higher risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases. In this research, researchers have found a connection between low LDL and cardiac arrest, but they are also saying that this connection may be due to other reasons as well. In such a situation, there is still a need for more research on this subject.

No risk was seen in those taking the medicine.

Most importantly, this link is not seen in people who are taking statins to lower their LDL levels. Doctors say that those who have been given medicine to reduce cholesterol level, they should continue taking it. He added that not taking a statin when needed can actually increase the risk of heart attack. In such a situation, cholesterol patients should not stop taking their medicines. Along with this, one should not leave going to the doctors for follow up.

Immunity can be affected

Researchers say that lowering of LDL levels can affect the body’s immune system and can lead to higher cardiac arrest in those who get the infection. Previous studies have shown that cholesterol plays a protective role in bacterial and viral infections. The researchers also say that there may be an overlooked genetic susceptibility to both low LDL-cholesterol and cardiac arrest. In such a situation, it is necessary to keep checking your cholesterol level. People who have diabetes, obesity or already have any heart disease, they need to take special care.

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