Little Sachin Tendulkar’s first meeting with Bradman, neighbor’s letter did wonders

Sachin Tendulkar and Don Bradman are counted among the greatest batsmen of all time in the cricket world and Bradman even said seeing Sachin that he sees his reflection in the Indian batsman.

Sachin Tendulkar is counted among the greatest batsmen of all time in the world.

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New Delhi: Australia’s Sir Don Bradman’s name comes in the list of all-time great batsmen of the world, and this list is not complete without India’s Sachin Tendulkar. After watching Sachin’s batting, Bradman had said that he sees a glimpse of himself in the Indian batsman. Sachin too had been hearing the name of this great player since childhood and then he also met this great batsman. But the first meeting of Sachin and Bradman did not take place on any ground but at Sachin’s neighbor’s place.

Sachin used to play with his neighbor’s friend Avinash Gowariker. Sachin got the opportunity to know Bradman for the first time at this Avinash’s house. Actually, Avinash’s father had a letter written by Bradman which he showed to Sachin and only then did Sachin get to know the Australian legend for the first time.

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Bradman’s character came to know from the letter

Sachin has told about this in the documentary made by ABC. This documentary is made only about Sachin and Bradman. Sachin has told in this documentary that one day when he went to Avinash’s house, his father was talking about Bradman. He had told Sachin that he had Bradman’s letter which he himself had written in his own hand and sent to him. This is about the year 1979-80. Avinash’s father told him that no one has seen this letter but Sachin can. On it was written the address of Bradman’s house where later Sachin met this great player. In this letter, Bradman had told that he regretted not playing in India. Sachin told that Bradman’s writing was very good and this gave him an opportunity to know and understand this great batsman.

Avinash told the story behind the letter

Sachin’s friend Avinash exposed the rest of the layers regarding this letter. He told that his father had received this letter in 1970. Avinash told that his father was a cricket fan and used to live in England in the 60s. He wrote a letter to Bradman as a fan, in response to which Bradman wrote that letter. Avinash told that many museum people wanted to buy that letter from him but he did not give it. Like Sachin, Avinash has also read this letter and he says that Bradman was a very simple person.

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