Linda Yacarino became the new CEO of Twitter, know what Elon Musk announced

As speculations were being made for the whole day, finally Elon Musk has confirmed it. Yes, now the new boss of Twitter ie CEO Linda Yacarino will be there. On Thursday evening, Elon Musk tweeted that he welcomes Linda Yacarino as Twitter’s new CEO and I am very excited and thrilled to have her join Twitter. Linda will handle Twitter’s business operations while Elon Musk will look after product design and new technology.

Previously, Linda Yacarino worked and successfully modernized the advertising business of Comcast Corp.’s Entertainment and Media division. He has resigned from the job on Friday morning itself and before leaving his job there, there was talk of job on Twitter.

Deal was done for $ 44 billion

At the end of October, Elon Musk had made a deal of $ 44 billion to buy Twitter, whose value according to Musk has been reduced to $ 20 billion. After this, many changes have been seen in Twitter. As soon as Elon Musk became the boss of Twitter, he left Twitter with advertisers. Musk showed the way out to 80 percent of the staff to reduce the company’s expenses. Apart from this, Twitter has made many changes in its verification policy. Due to his association with Twitter, he could not pay attention to Tesla, due to which investors started withdrawing their money and the company’s shares saw a huge decline and Elon Musk lost the crown of being the world’s richest businessman.


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