Like vehicles, ‘scrap policy’ can come for mobile phones, you will get discount in return!

India is slowly becoming a manufacturing hub of electronics. Especially in the manufacturing of mobile phones, that’s why apple Like the mobile company here too iphone Started making. More than 120 crore population of the country have mobile phones. So electronic waste (Electronic Waste) There is also a risk of increasing However, the domestic electrical and electronics manufacturing industry does not agree with this.

Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEMA) Rohit Pathak, President and CEO of Birla Copper (Hindalco Industries) TV9 Digital Said in a special conversation that the way the policy has come to ‘scrap’ the vehicles. In the coming time, in the same way, the structure of ‘sending the mobile phone to the junk’ can be prepared.

Will get scrap certificate and discount

Rohit Pathak told that there is a policy framework for e-waste, it just needs to be implemented by giving a little push. Once the economic model related to e-waste is developed, then people themselves will start giving their electronic waste for exchange. Whereas in the coming years, ‘Extend Producer Responsibility’ of the companies (EPR) But if the focus increases, then she herself will focus on buying old electronic waste from people.

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In fact, Rohit Pathak was asked that the way the government has talked about giving a ‘discount certificate’ to people for scrapping vehicles, which they can use to buy a new vehicle. Can a similar arrangement be made for electronic waste.

In response to this, he said that still many companies like Samsung and Apple give discounts by taking old electronic devices from their customers under the exchange offer. In the coming years, its economic model will be developed, under which people will get certificates for depositing mobile phones or other e-waste, which they will be able to use to buy other products.

Need to organize the business of junk

Rohit Pathak says that the biggest problem in the proper disposal of e-waste is the cash economy or unorganized sector of the junk business. He said that there is a need to make the work of e-waste collection more organized so that it can be disposed of properly.

He said that such a system has to be made which is linked to GST or any other formal sector at the entry level of generation of e-waste. With this, its entire system will start recovering up to the top. In the same way, its economic model will be prepared.

Rohit Pathak said that there is potential in recycling of e-waste, as it will enable recovery of important metals in valuable quantities.

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