Like Adani, Tata-Birla faced political allegations every now and then?

Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar industrialist Gautam Adani The demand for calling JPC on the issue has not been justified. He has termed this demand as wrong due to the huge difference in the numbers of the parties in the Parliament. He meant that the demand of JPC would have proved more effective when the opposition also had decent numbers. So what is the use of JPC? He talked about its independent investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

During this Sharad Pawar He also gave his response on the questions raised regarding the relationship between the industrialist and the ruling party. He bluntly said that ‘there was a time when the ruling party had to be criticized, we Tata-Birla Used to take the name of Tata’s contribution to the country. Nowadays Adani His name is taken, there is a need to think about his contribution to the country.

Political allegations against Tata-Birla

If you don’t go much earlier, just remember the post-Emergency election period. JP movement was strong in the country. Slogans of Janata Party Zindabad were echoing all around. During this time loud slogans were raised against the Congress party and especially against Indira Gandhi. One of these slogans was- The government of Tata-Birla will not work, will not work.

That slogan used in the year 1977 is enough to tell how the opposition parties used to be aggressive on Congress regarding Tata-Birla then. Janata Party leaders used to make political attacks on the government from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi by accusing them of promoting Tata-Birla. At the same time, he used to accuse Tata-Birla of taking advantage of power.

Adani’s era came in place of Tata-Birla

In recent years, especially in 2014, ever since the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power at the Centre, many opposition parties have started raising questions about the Ambani-Adani issue. Especially Rahul Gandhi is a constant attacker regarding Adani.

BJP reminds Congress of Tata-Birla days

In such a situation, BJP leaders have been reminding the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi once again about the old days regarding Tata-Birla during their government.

Recently, BJP leader Nishikant Dubey had said that Congress has also been the promoter of many industrial houses like Tata, Birla and Ambani. He also asked whether the Congress-led UPA government had not entered into concession agreements to help GMR Group and GVK Group to complete the development of airports in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Subramaniam Swamy also made serious allegations

On the other hand, in the year 2016, senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy made a serious allegation on Ratan Tata of colluding with the government and taking commercial benefits. Then talking to media persons in Raipur, Swamy had said that Ratan Tata has been involved in many scams including 2G scam, Air Asia scam, Vistara partnership and Jaguar deal. They have done corruption by getting close to the power.

What did Ratan Tata say about politics

Political allegations and counter-allegations on Tata-Birla on the one hand Tata’s thinking about politics on the other. In an event organized in Kolkata in 2014, industrialist Ratan Tata had said- “I have never accepted politics in my life like my mentor JRD Tata.

Ratan Tata had also said- “Like my mentor JRD Tata, I never considered politics. I am not fit to be a political person and do not want to work hard in it. The water there is very deep.

During this, when he was asked as to how he would like to be remembered in the future. So Ratan Tata had said, “I would prefer to be remembered as someone who never hurt others and acted in the best interest of business.”

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