Lebanon’s time will change, the decision to delay daylight saving time was overturned, Muslims and Christians were face to face

lebanon It has been battling economic and political crisis for many years. Meanwhile, the Lebanese cabinet appointed a caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati has reversed the decision related to daylight saving time because it was opposed on a large scale. The country’s largest church refused to comply. At the same time, instead of the end of the holy month of Ramadan in April, the clocks will now move forward one hour on Wednesday night. Let us tell you that in protest against the government’s decision, Lebanon’s largest Maronite church had announced to set its clock forward by one hour, which is done at the end of the month of March. Let us inform that on the last Sunday of March change in time is done.

After the cabinet meeting, Mikati said that the new daylight saving time will start from Wednesday midnight. Lebanon was set to move its clocks forward one hour last weekend, but officials announced a surprise decision late last week that the switch would be delayed by almost a month.

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daylight saving time change

In fact, the government of Lebanon has reversed the decision to postpone the change in daylight saving time for a month. Acting Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced that the clocks would now go forward on Wednesday night. He had agreed to the delay last week so that Muslims could break their fast earlier during the holy month of Ramadan. But the Christian authorities defied the order and changed their clocks to Sunday as usual.

Decision was not taken for religious reasons: Mikati

Mikati, who is a Sunni Muslim, insisted on Monday that his initial decision to delay the time change until April 20 to give “relief” to those fasting during Ramadan was not for religious reasons. He said that the problem is not summer or winter time, the problem is the vacancy of the presidency.

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more than 80 percent of the population is poor

The political infighting has also exacerbated Lebanon’s economic crisis, with more than 80 percent of the population living in poverty and struggling to buy food and medicine. Lebanon has been in economic and political crisis for years. It has been run by a caretaker government with limited powers since the May legislative elections. While no official explanation was given when the prime minister decided to postpone the shifting to summer time, Al Jazeera reported, but he has now clarified that it was to provide relief to people during the fasting month of Ramadan. Was for

unilateral decision without consultation

According to the report, the opposition to his decision mainly came from Christians in Lebanon. They said that a Sunni prime minister took a unilateral decision without consulting state institutions. After a cabinet meeting was called on the issue, Mikati said that he did not take this decision at all for religious reasons. Mikati said that his decision should not have triggered such religious reactions. Mikati accused religious and political leaders as well as parliamentarians of failing to come to an agreement.

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President Christian, Prime Minister Sunni, Parliament Speaker Shia

Power in Lebanon is shared among its 18 recognized religious communities, and its political crises are often blamed on sectarian divisions, which were a major factor behind the 1975–1990 civil war. According to a sectarian system, the President of Lebanon is a Christian while the Prime Minister comes from the Sunni community. The post of Speaker of the Parliament goes to a Shia.

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