Lack of nutrients in food and drink, learn from experts how to prevent

Deficiency of nutrients in the body has become common nowadays. But do you know that the nutrients are decreasing in the things we use for our food and drink on a daily basis. Many researches have come out regarding this, in which it has been described as a serious issue. I had heard about the lack of nutrients in the process of reducing weight, but if this is happening after eating healthy, then it is very shocking.

Medical nutrition expert Dr. Shikha Sharma gave her opinion about this. He says, ‘We eat pulses to meet the requirement of protein, but do you know that there is enough nutrition in pulses, why only pulses, wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables or millets, all have reduced nutrition. We take it for granted that eating healthy will keep us fit and disease-free, but how is this possible when the nutrients in our food and drink have reduced.”

In a special conversation with ., agricultural scientist Dr. MJ Khan also gave his opinion. He says that according to a recent research, in the last three to four decades, there is a continuous decrease in nutrients in food items. Protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C have now reduced in grains and fruits and vegetables.

According to experts, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, hybrid seeds, lack of nutrients in the soil, apart from the competition to make food items tasty and attractive, is also responsible for this. Therefore, the government must take some steps in this direction. Due to lack of nutrients, joint pain, stomach problems, fatigue all the time or other physical problems remain.

According to experts, crop rotation policy will have to be promoted to deal with this problem. Apart from this, the interval between two crops will have to be increased, instead of artificial fertilizers, natural fertilizers will have to be promoted, organic farming will be promoted and traditional methods of farming will have to be changed.

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