Know who is Rishi Singh, this adopted son of his parents changed his life

Indian Idol 13 Winner Rishi Singh: Rishi Singh got a lot of votes along with the love of the public. The country has got a new singing idol in the form of Rishi.

Indian Idol 13: Know who is Rishi Singh, this son adopted by his parents changed his life

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Mumbai: Of Ayodhya Rishi Singh Sony Tv Singing Reality Show indian idol season 13 K has become the winner. With the most votes from the public, Rishi has won the show’s trophy and a prize money of Rs 25 lakh. Rishi’s journey from his birth to reach Indian Idol was not easy at all.

Rishi Singh belongs to Ayodhya city of Uttar Pradesh. During the show, Rishi Singh made a big disclosure about his life after performing on the sets of Indian Idol. Rishi had told that he is not the real son of his parents. On reaching home after the theater round of Indian Idol, Rishi Singh came to know that his parents had glued him.

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Rishi Singh got emotional

Talking about this, Rishi had said, “I am not the blood of my parents. But if I had not been with them, I might not have been able to reach this stage today. How many mistakes have I made in life. I want to apologize to my parents for all those mistakes. I have found God. Otherwise today I would have been rotting somewhere. I don’t know where I would be. But if I had not been with him, I would never have reached this stage.

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Rishi gave a befitting reply

After adopting Rishi Singh, many people taunted his mother and father. But still he loved the sage. Rishi says that his mother who gave birth had left him, but when he fell ill in childhood, this mother used to take care of him by forgetting her sleep. This story of Rishi made everyone emotional. However, today with the victory of Indian Idol, Rishi has changed the life of his parents by silencing people who taunt him.

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