Keeping an eye on Tamil Nadu, BJP made a ‘master plan’ for 2024 in the name of Sengol?

on Sunday Sengol With the establishment of the country New Parliament House Complex was inaugurated. The special thing is that the new Parliament House was inaugurated to the tune of Nagaswaram and with the chanting of the priests of various Tamil Adhinams. This is not mere coincidence. The law and order of the entire event is now being linked to an attempt to make inroads in the politics of Tamil Nadu. The opposition is also an attacker.

Significantly, the BJP has been trying to usurp Tamil Nadu’s power through subordinate priests for a long time. In the state, BJP has been targeting the ruling DMK government by raising the voice of the rights of subordinates for almost two years.

Tamil Samagam was held in Varanasi

BJP is not running the campaign only inside Tamil Nadu, but this campaign is also being extended outside the state. Last year Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi Kashi Tamil Samagam was organized. Through this, an attempt was made to unite North and South. This event lasted for about a month, in which more than 300 saints and priests from 17 monasteries of Tamil Nadu participated.

How many Hindus are there in Tamil Nadu?

RSS’s Sar Sanghchalak Mohan Bhagwan had mentioned Rajendra Chola in his speech on Vijayadashami in the year 2015. It is understood that since then the Cholas have remained in the mainstream conversation in some form or the other. The conversation eventually led to the search for Sengol and his installation in Parliament.

Historically Tamil Nadu has also been a stronghold of Shiva worship. More than 87 percent of Tamil Nadu are Hindus. Now Thevaram and Thanthai Periyar go side by side. Periyar led the anti-Brahmin movement in the state in the early twentieth century. The effect of which was also seen in the Hindi belt.

current politics in tamilnadu

After the demise of M Karunanidhi and J Jayalalithaa, his party’s hold in the state weakened. The BJP has been seeing this emptiness as a special opportunity for itself there. In the southern states, the BJP never got a chance to go beyond Karnataka. At the same time, Karnataka also got out of hand this time. Therefore, the party wants to compensate for the defeat of Karnataka from Tamil Nadu.

Eyes on 2024 elections?

The five southern states have a total of 129 Lok Sabha seats, but the BJP has only 29 MPs in all these states. Among them, maximum 25 MPs are from Karnataka. After the victory of the Congress in the assembly elections, the possibility of the party losing seats in the Lok Sabha has deepened.

Apart from Karnataka, there is not even a single BJP MP in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Only in Telangana the party has four MPs. But now with the establishment of Sengol in the new parliament and the chanting of priests of Tamil Adhinam, the party is expected to increase its seats here.

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