‘Keep a phone worth Rs 1100 and do crores of scandal’, feature phones become the first choice of mafias

‘Ride on a vehicle worth crores, immense wealth but carry a mobile phone worth Rs 1150 in hand’. This story is of every mafia of UP. Or should we say that even the biggest Turram Khan goons use cheap feature phones. Even after adding immense wealth, people living in this profession prefer feature phones instead of smartphones. This thing must be surprising you but it is true.

It is a matter to think that mafia don type people have a lot of money, yet why do they buy cheap feature phones instead of expensive phones? The main reason for this is tracking, to avoid which feature phones are a good option.

what are feature phones

Feature phones are normal mobile phones, come with basic essential features. In these only essential facilities like phone calling, SMS are available. The price of these phones also starts from Rs.1000-1200.

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How is tracking done with smartphones

Obviously, many apps are installed in smartphones. These apps track users. Understand it in this way that when you download an app on the phone, some permissions are asked from you. This includes user’s location, access to microphone, access to photo-storage, call-message handling and many more. After getting this permission, tracking is very easy, especially for government agencies.

Apart from this, some apps are already installed in smartphones. Users cannot delete them even if they want to. These apps can track a lot of user data. All the data can be checked by going to the settings of the phone, which these pre-built apps access.

No internet will work, no tracking

The most important thing is that the internet does not work in feature phones. In such a situation, it is a bit difficult to track them. Generally, people living in mischief and criminal profession keep changing the SIM card and their number is also with few people. Due to which they cannot be tracked easily.

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Battery lasts for days

‘Neither will you get features nor battery will decrease’. Obviously the basic mobile phone is nothing special in terms of features. In such a situation, their battery lasts for many days. Now as the mafia has no place, even in such a situation, feature phones can be very useful.

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