Karan Johar’s house looks like this after renovation, inside pictures came, eyes will not go away from bathroom

Karan Johar House Pics: Karan Johar’s house has been completely changed by Gauri Khan. He has renovated Karan’s house. His designed house now looks very beautiful.

Karan Johar

Image Credit source: Karan Johar Instagram

Karan Johar House Pics: Gauri Khan someone’s identification Shahrukh Khan Not only is she a wife, but she is also an interior designer. We are not saying this, but his latest work is testifying to it. Gauri recently met filmmaker and friend Karan Johar Has renovated the house.

Many pictures after the renovation of his bachelorette have now been shared by Karan Johar himself on Instagram, in which it is difficult to lose sight of his house. Along with the photographs, information about the changes that have taken place in the house during the renovation has also been given.

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Gauri Khan designed according to Karan

Gauri Khan’s statement is also there in Karan Johar’s post. Gauri says, “This house has been prepared for a special person. He is the only one in himself. The design reflects who Karan is, glamorous, fun and a little over the top. This is not a place that can be copied.

Two sofas are seen in the living and dining space in Karan Johar’s house. Apart from this, there is a marble side table, whose base is of gold metal. Apart from this, the coffee table is also visible. Apart from this, a sofa with blue colored fabric is also visible there in the second picture. The eight seater dining table is also visible behind the sofa.

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attention to bathroom

The thing that is attracting the most attention in this house of Karan is his bathroom. The bathroom has black countertop, black cabinet and two black basins. The floor is made of brown and white colored tiles. The bathroom made in black and golden color is attracting the most attention of the people.

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