Kajal Aggarwal compared South to Bollywood, said- ‘Lack of ethics and discipline in Hindi cinema’

Kajal Aggarwal: South actress Kajal Aggarwal has also worked in Bollywood films. But his recent statement has made him a part of the limelight.

Kajal Aggarwal

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Mumbai: South Actress Kajal Aggrawal She has also shown her acting prowess in Bollywood films. to mascara Bollywood adopted with an open heart and also gave love to his films. But in the meantime, a statement by Kajal can hurt the hearts of the fans of Bollywood and Hindi cinema. The actress has compared South Industry to Bollywood. Because of which Kajal Aggarwal is constantly in the limelight.

In fact, recently, during an interview, Kajal Aggarwal said a lot about Hindi cinema. According to Kajal, people often prefer to start their career with Hindi as it is a nationwide language. Kajal may work in the South Industry, but she calls herself a Bombay girl. Actually Kajal was born and brought up in Mumbai only. It is a different thing that they get homemade filling only in Hyderabad and Chennai. This is not ours, but the actress herself says that she started her career with South films.

According to Kajal, even though South has adopted her, there is no exemption for hard work. And there is no easy way to success. Completing his point, he further said that, many people want to start their career with Hindi cinema, because this language has got nationwide recognition. South is a friendly industry, South also has excellent techniques, excellent directors and good content which is served in all four languages.

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Talking about Hindi cinema, Kajal said that Hindi is our mother tongue. We have grown up watching Hindi films. But she likes the eco-system, ethics, values, discipline of South Industry. According to him, there is a lack of these things in Hindi cinema. This statement of Kajal can also be heavy on him. Even before this there has been a debate about South and Bollywood. Where many stars came forward and presented their opinion.

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