Joe Biden will not attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles! You will be surprised to know the reason

According to the report, instead of Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden can participate in the ceremony. At the same time, no formal decision has been taken regarding Biden’s involvement in it.

US President Joe Biden (file photo)

America president of joe bideN has been invited to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles. But Biden can turn down this invitation from Buckingham Palace. The reason behind this has also come to the fore. It is being told that due to his age, he cannot travel to the Atlantic twice a month and for this reason, there is a possibility of missing his coronation program.

In the report of The Telegraph based in UK, information about this has been given by quoting sources. The coronation ceremony is to be held on 6 May. At the same time, Biden’s allies want that the US President should avoid excessive foreign trips so that he can perform his domestic responsibilities tirelessly. However, instead of Joe Biden, his wife and First Lady Jill Biden can attend the ceremony. Let us tell you, 80-year-old Donald Trump is the oldest person to hold the office of the President of America.

Which trips of Biden in the coming days?

Biden is scheduled to visit Northern Ireland later this month and visit Japan for the G7 summit next month. Apart from this, he can meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at least three times in the next three months. According to the report, both Washington and London have indicated that they have not yet taken a formal decision on whether Biden will attend the ceremony or not.

Earlier in September, Joe Biden and his wife attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. However, during this time some controversy had come to the fore regarding his seating arrangement in the royal church. He was seated behind the European heads of state. According to the information, preparations for the coronation ceremony are in full swing. During this, there will be an atmosphere of celebration everywhere.

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