Japan blew up its own rocket, lost its way after engine failure

Japan H3 Rocket: A rocket of Japan’s space agency JAXA has to be flown in the sky after taking off. After launching, the rocket successfully achieved the first stage but the engine malfunctioned in the second stage.

Japan blew up its own rocket, lost its way after engine failure

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Japan H3 Rocket: japan space agency jaxa (JAXA)’s new H3 rocket failed in its first flight. The rocket was launched today i.e. on March 7, but due to a fault in its engine in the second stage of the rocket, it lost its way. After this, in a hurry, the space agency launched the rocket. blast in the air Blown away

This is considered a major setback for Japan’s space agency. The rocket also carried an advanced land observation satellite primarily tasked with disaster response and mapping, Earth observation and data collection. Apart from this, infrared sensor was also installed in the satellite to monitor military activities towards the Ministry of Defense.

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Malfunction occurred in the second stage

The rocket was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan. After the launch, the people around expressed happiness at first, but when they came to know that the rocket had been blown away by blasting, then there was despair on their faces. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has said that the rocket successfully achieved its first stage flight but the rocket developed a fault in the second stage.

The agency further said that after a malfunction in the second stage, the command to detonate JAXA was sent. Because there was no hope left to complete the mission. The agency has said that officials are probing how the engine of the last rocket malfunctioned.

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Second big blow in six months

In October last year too, this space agency of Japan had suffered a major setback. When a small solid fueled rocket of the Epsilon series failed. According to media reports, the launch of the H3 has been delayed by two years due to the delay in the preparation of the engine. An attempt was made to launch the rocket in February but it was postponed after a fault in the main engine.

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