Its Smriti Irani vs Mahua Moitra over Congress’s ‘FAILED’ report card on Manipur violence

Smriti Irani, a Union Minister, responded on Saturday to the Congress’ “report card,” which described her as “clueless about women’s plight.” The report card was released in response to widespread outcry over a distressing video showing two Kuki women being paraded in Manipur while completely naked.

Irani allegedly “woke up” after two months after being “ignorant” about the sexual assault in Manipur, according to the Congress.

The minister responded by criticising the Congress, adding that the grand old party excels in two areas: depravity and willful ignorance.

She criticised Congress for keeping tabs on women and emphasised their ongoing display of willful ignorance.

Irani took to Twitter, saying, “There are depths of depravity very few are capable of – keeping a score card re women. There are instances of wilful ignorance very few incessantly exhibit. On both counts – depravity and wilful ignorance – CONgress scores well. Discuss in Parliament if the dynasty permits.”

Mahua Moitra, a Trinamool Lok Sabha member, reacted right after by requesting that Irani look up the definition of “depravity” in a dictionary.

The BJP’s efforts to divert attention from the Manipur issue by spreading false information in other states, according to Moitra, represent the height of depravity.

She criticised the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, and the Minister for Women and Child Development for remaining silent on a number of topics, including the sexual violence in Manipur and the wrestlers’ protest. Irani was urged by Moitra to get a dictionary, with the condition that she may do so “if MaunGuru permits.”

“Depravity is BJP deflecting Manipur issue with all out fake news assault in other states. When PM, HM & WCD keep mum while our sisters die. Depravity is when your chair can’t protect our wrestlers,” she said.

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