It is not possible for the common man to buy clothes of Aryan Khan’s brand, a jacket worth 2 lakhs, a T-shirt worth 25 thousand

Aryan Khan with Shah Rukh Khan

SRK Collaboration With Aryan Khan: son of shahrukh khan Aryan Khan Recently shot an ad with his father. He did this adshoot for his clothing brand Dyavol. Aryan looked very confident and happy while shooting with his father. Last year only he brand Was disclosed and now its site has also been launched. As soon as the site is launched, the details of its products have also come to the fore, seeing which people’s eyes have been left open.

The clothes of this website are very expensive and you may have to think a lot while buying a cloth. The price of a hoodie on the site is telling Rs 45, 500. Showing the price of a white T-shirt Rs 24, 400. The sweatshirt that Aryan Khan is wearing is also not an ordinary sweatshirt. Its cost is also Rs.36,200. The matter does not end here. Just imagine that when this is the condition of T-shirts and sweatshirts, then how much would the jacket carried by Shah Rukh Khan cost?

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Apart from this, the black jacket that Shah Rukh Khan has carried is also not cheap. Its price is so much that it cannot be bought. The name of Shah Rukh Khan’s black leather jacket is Signature X and you can also see the X sign on it. Its total cost is 200,555 i.e. more than two lakh rupees. The fans are also surprised to see the clothes of this brand.

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First of all, fans entered this site in droves. There was so much congestion that the site even stopped in the middle, which later started running again. But as eagerly as the fans had come, they had to go back shocked and upset. Seeing its price, people started reacting.

The person said that he cannot buy the kidney even after selling it.

Commenting a person wrote- Khan saab, even if I sell one of my kidneys, I cannot buy it. I have to sell both my kidneys. Another person wrote – I saw the prize, my mind was confused. A middle class can never afford it. I was refreshing the page for an hour. My luck is just bad.

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