It is necessary to sleep for so many hours in a day, otherwise you can become a victim of heart attack.

Heart attack and sleep: Heart disease is increasing a lot since last few years. Bad eating habits are considered to be the major reason for this. Now a study has also come out regarding sleep and heart diseases.

Heart attack cases are increasing

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Heart attack: among many diseases less sleep The problem of commuting is also increasing a lot. People’s sleeping time is not fixed. In the era of social media, this problem is increasing even more. Especially the youth are falling prey to it. Now a research has also come out regarding lack of sleep and heart diseases. A study published in the Medical Journal claims this. Studies have shown that lack of sleep heart attack There is danger to come.

This research has been published in America’s Academy of Neuro. In which it is clearly said that less sleep at night means treating heart diseases. Especially people who have sleep apnea disease are coming in the risk zone of heart attack. This problem is being seen even in young age. 300 people were included in the study. Heart disease has been seen in those who sleep less. High cholesterol level and BP disease have been found in such people. Research researchers say that heart disease is increasing every year.

This study has been done to know its relation with sleep, which confirms that there is a relation between lack of sleep and heart attack. In such a situation, people should not be negligent about sleep.

less than one hour of sleep is dangerous

It has been told in the study that the risk of getting a heart attack is 50 times more by sleeping less than five hours. While seven hours of sleep is very beneficial. People who have respiratory diseases are also facing lack of sleep. Patients of diseases like asthma, bronchitis often have trouble sleeping at night. Due to which the gold pattern also gets spoiled in many cases. These patients can also be victims of heart attack.

Smoking and drinking are also dangerous

With lack of sleep, if the addiction of drinking and smoking becomes fatal. It is said in the study that smoking and lack of sleep are risk factors of heart attack. In such a situation, it is better to leave the consumption of alcohol. Apart from this, high BP, diabetes. People with obesity and lungs infection are also at high risk.

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