Israel is becoming a new model of dictatorship for non-Islamic countries

Violence on the streets, flames touching the sky, people running with black flags, slogans of democracy on their foreheads, slogans against their leader, neither fear of police, nor fear of death. Like a flood, people are bent on taking the administration like a river…the picture that is forming in your mind after listening to all this It is not of Islamic countries like Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Syria but of Israel. Which has been burning for the past several days. Never seen this small country like this before. People raided from the road to the Parliament. The hands and feet of the government swelled. The reason for all this is Israel’s new law. Allegedly it is being said that it will weaken democracy. Another thing is that Israel is becoming a new model for non-Islamic countries.

The battle of democracy versus dictatorship is an old one. Today democracy is established in most of the countries. The public elects the government. Judiciary is independent. If we leave aside the matter of non-Islamic countries, democracy was firmly playing its role in other countries. Even if the governments tried to weaken it, the public would go on a rebellion. As is happening in Israel today.

There is one more fear that like Israel, other countries may also start doing the same thing as is happening now. Don’t consider him as your role model. Israel does not have its own constitution. There are 12 basic rules which keep on changing from time to time according to the need. Like India or Britain, here the Prime Minister is supreme. The way Netanyahu made arrangements to enjoy power by weakening the institutions, he can become a canker.

Millions of people took to the streets during the demonstration

Parisians on the streets

The people of Paris took to the streets. Here the retirement age was increased from 62 to 64 years. Only this government has become a problem for the government. There was mobilization against President Macron. The youth agitated on the streets. There is a constitutional way of making any rule. But on March 16, Macron used his special power and implemented the rule without voting. There was a mass movement in Britain as well. The issue here was the Migration Bill. Which the government imposed on the public. The responsibility of making laws has been given to the Parliament, but as is happening in Israel, the governments are hurting democracy.

Public anger in China too

In China, it is a democracy in name only. But the Jinping government here imposed such laws on the public at the time of Corona, which led to rebellion. Slogans of Jinping Hi-Hi started on the streets of Beijing. There was opposition to the Zero Covid policy here. Under this, a strict lockdown was imposed. People started getting worried. A fire broke out in a building but the rescue team could not reach due to the lockdown. People died. After this anger flared up.

Israeli Troops

israeli army

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For the first time such a huge mass movement in Israel

To understand the present, it becomes necessary to scratch a little bit of the tradition of history. Without this it is not possible that you can understand the current situation. Here we will mention Israel. The one who is burning today, is blazing. You must have heard many stories of this small country from you. But his bravery Today the situation is different. Don’t know why I am remembering those lines of Rashtrakavi Dinkar that people vacate the throne. PM Benjamin Netanyahu has got the throne with great difficulty this time. They do not want that anyone can remove them from power again. For this he made new laws. Laws are also such that they are going to weaken democracy itself. The law that makes the Supreme Court bow before the Parliament.

Israeli Protest

Demonstration outside Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem

Mismatched coalition in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu’s party made such an alliance this time like oil and water. For example, you can take the example of Jammu and Kashmir. Where there was an alliance between the arch-rivals BJP and PDP for power. Netanyahu brought a law. In which the powers of the judiciary were curtailed.

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law to paralyze the judiciary

Parliament was made supreme. This means that any decision of the Supreme Court can be overturned by the Parliament. Government’s approval will be necessary for the recruitment of judges. The law made by the Parliament cannot be canceled by the court. This infuriated the people of Israel. The public came on the streets. At first it seemed that there would be a small protest, it would be suppressed, but it kept on increasing. Today it has come to the point that Netanyahu had to suspend the law for the time being. But the debate has started as to what effect it will have in other countries.

Israel’s geographical location

Understand the geographical situation of Israel a little. This small country situated in the Middle East is surrounded by Islamic countries from all sides. It shares borders with Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine. There is a land dispute with Palestine. There is peace with other countries. In such a situation, when the Jews got their own country, there were frequent disputes with the neighbors. Presently, the economic and political situation here started getting better. But after a few days the dispute with Palestine deepened. The borders here have been secured with better technology. Even today the dispute with Palestine persists. Things are getting resolved from Arab countries. The way the government made laws that hurt democracy, it should not really become a role model for non-Islamic countries. If this happens then it can be a big danger.

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