ISIS killed 26 people, killed more than 70 in 2 months, know the whole matter

Syrian Desert Killed By ISIS: Fighters of the Islamic State group killed 26 people in Syria. Please tell that all of them were searching for truffles.

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Syria Islamic State group in combatants killed at least 26 people on Sunday. According to a media report, 26 people killed in the attack by Islamic State fighters were collecting truffles (seasonal vegetable) in the desert at that time. Please tell that due to the civil war going on in Syria for the last several years, people were struggling with economic devastation.

In such a situation, people are helped to earn money through truffles, because the price of this seasonal vegetable would have been very high. Every year between February and April, hundreds of poor Syrians reportedly search for truffles in the desert, or Badia, where jihadists have covered the place with landmines.

68 people were shot dead

According to a media report, more than 200 people have been killed by landmines left by terrorists since February. 15 of these victims had their throats slit by IS while searching for truffles. And in February, 68 people were shot dead by IS fighters riding on motorcycles. Let us tell you that Syria is famous for producing some of the best quality truffles in the world.

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The accused had rifles and motorbikes

The prized fungus is sold for up to $25 (Rs 2046.14) per kg depending on the size and grade. According to the information, the jihadists had automatic rifles and motorbikes. In the last two years, 26 people were killed in bombings in northern and southern areas of Syria. A media agency had issued information that the people killed were searching for truffles. 20 people were injured in this attack.

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