Is this the reason for Sushmita Sen’s heart attack? Learn expert’s opinion

Sushmita Sen Heart Attack: Two days ago, Bollywood’s fittest actress Sushmita Sen had a heart attack, after which the actress told fans about her surgery on Instagram.

Sushmita Sen

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Sushmita Sen Heart Attack: Actress Sushmita Sen, who is considered to be the fittest actress of Bollywood, had a heart attack a few days ago. Fans are also surprised after hearing the news of his heart attack. However, now the actress Sushmita Sen Angioplasty surgery has been done. Sushmita Sen told about her surgery on Instagram, after which all the fans are praying for her health. But let us tell you that even before Sushmita Sen, big personalities like singer KK and Raju Srivastava had heart attack.

In the recent past, many such cases of heart attack are coming to the fore, in which people doing workouts and gym are becoming its victims. Heart attack is being seen not only in older people but also in youth. After all, why people who are health-conscious are getting heart attacks, we spoke to Dr. S.C. Manchanda, a cardiologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

Why did Sushmita Sen get heart attack?

Sushmita Sen’s name is taken in Bollywood’s fitness freak actress. Sushmita Sen, who does yoga and workout, having a heart attack is a shocking thing in its own right. Regarding the possible reasons for this, Dr. SC Manchanda, cardiologist at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, said that stress can also be a possible reason for heart attack. Dr. Manchanda says that health does not only mean being physically fit, but you also have to be free from mental stress. He says that of course a person is looking physically fit, but it does not mean at all that he is mentally fit as well.

Exercise is also a reason

Regarding the cases of heart attack coming in the youth, Dr. Manchanda says that when we uncustomize exercise is also the reason for this. Many people immediately start doing pushups, which is an uncustomized exercise. Apart from this, people going to the gym take many types of protein, which is not at all good for the health of our heart.

Need to get checkup done

Cardiologist Dr. Manchanda says that if you are doing any kind of heavy exercise, then before doing it, do get a checkup done by the doctor. Apart from this, avoid doing those workouts which you are not able to do properly.


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