Is North Korea going to conduct nuclear test, satellite photos surfaced after Kim Jong’s order

Satellite images of North Korea’s nuclear site have surfaced. After these pictures came to the fore, it is feared that dictator King Jong may order nuclear explosion.

Is North Korea going to conduct nuclear test?

North Korea Satellite pictures of high-level movement at the nuclear site have come to the fore. who led the North Korean Kim Jong Un Has increased the tension of rivals. Kim Jong-un recently nuclear weapons Orders were given to increase After the satellite photos surfaced, the apprehension has increased whether North Korea nuclear test Is going to do. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, this news has created restlessness all over the world.

According to the report of the news website The Sun, satellite images indicate that there is a large amount of water leakage from the EVR cooling system. Kim was seen inspecting nuclear weapons earlier this week. The new construction has also been revealed in the pictures. The footage was released on Saturday by Washington-based thinktank 38 North. It is seen that there are signs of high level activities at Yongbyon site. This shows that the construction of the reactor is about to be completed here.

Is North Korea about to detonate a nuclear weapon?

In pictures taken on March 3 and 17, it can be seen that a large amount of water is being discharged from the Experimental Light Water Reactor (ELWR) cooling system. The thinktank believes that this indicates that the reactor is nearing operational status. Satellite images have also revealed further construction at the nuclear site. This includes new buildings around ELWR. New construction had also started around the uranium enrichment plant. This clearly shows that North Korea intends to expand its capabilities.

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5 MW reactor in operation

Satellite pictures also show that a 5 MW reactor is working at the nuclear site. It has been claimed in this report that this movement shows King-Jog-un’s recent instructions to expand the nuclear arsenal. This news has increased the fear that North Korea may conduct its first nuclear test after 2017.

King Jong inspected nuclear weapons at a secret location

Kim Jong-un was seen this week inspecting nuclear weapons at a secret location amid a pledge to boost North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. On the same day he unveiled nuclear weapons mounted on small arms. Although it is not known whether this small nuclear weapon is fully developed or not. But such weapons are part of Kim’s larger nuclear plans.

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