Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi openly threatened Israel, said

Iranian President On Israel: Iran has again threatened Israel on Tuesday amid tensions with Israel. At the same time, he has avoided criticizing Saudi Arabia.

Iranian President’s open threat to Israel

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Tehran: On the occasion of Iran’s military day President Ibrahim Raisi has Israel Has once again given an open threat. During the Army Day program broadcast on Iranian television, Raisi commented against Israel and said that if even a small action is taken against Iran, its result can come in the form of catastrophe. Iranian helicopters and fighter jets flew over Tehran to mark Army Day, while submarines displayed their might inside Iranian waters.

In his speech, Ibrahim Raisi shied away from criticizing Saudi Arabia, because these days Shia-dominated Iran is trying to reduce the ongoing tension with the Sunni countries of the Middle East and especially with Saudi Arabia. In his speech at the military ceremony, Ibrahim Raisi threatened Israel, saying that after breaking the nuclear agreement with the world’s major powers, Israel has carried out attacks targeting its bases and people.

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Jewish rule must understand

Iran’s enemies, and especially the Jewish regime, must understand that even the smallest action against Iran can be met with a very strong response by our armed forces, which could result in the devastation of Israel’s Haifa and Tel Aviv Is.

In his speech, Ibrahim Raisi also reiterated his demand that America should leave West Asia. In fact, since Jimmy Carter was the President of America in the 1970-80s, since then the policy of the American regime has been to provide security to the Persian Gulf region, because this region is very important for the energy supply worldwide. About 20 percent of the world’s oil trade takes place through the Strait of Hormuz between Oman and Iran.

There is improvement in the relations between the two countries.

Raisi said that our forces will warmly join hands with the countries of the region so that the security of the region can be strengthened and improved. In the month of March this year, an agreement was reached between Saudi Arabia and Iran with the mediation of China, under which the two countries have re-established their diplomatic relations after almost seven years and reopened embassies in each other’s countries. Consent was made. In such a situation, due to the absence of mention of Saudi Arabia in the speech of the Iranian President, it is being speculated that now both the countries are moving towards improving their relations.

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