iPhone user lost 7 lakhs in the greed of credit card, this mistake became heavy

Credit Card Scams in India: cyber fraud in indiacyber fraud) cases are increasing continuously. Recently, a female user also became a victim of online fraud. Credit Card (credit card) And he lost 7 lakh rupees by coming under the guise of new Android phone. According to reports, a 40-year-old woman from Mumbai iPhone Got a call from an unknown number. The caller, posing as a bank employee, offered a credit card and membership of a sports club in the city.

Being lured by this offer, the woman agreed to get a new credit. He shared many personal things like Aadhaar card with the thug. The interesting thing is that the thug told the woman that the next process of getting credit would be through Android phone only. But this woman was using an iPhone.

Greed for new phone

The person doing the fraud by posing as a bank employee asked the woman to change the phone and told that he is sending a new phone. The woman agreed to take the new phone and sent her home address to the man for delivery. After sharing the information, the woman got a new Android phone the same day.

Stolen details from these apps

According to media reports, the phone already had two pre-installed apps – DOT Secure and Secure Envoy Authenticator. After receiving the phone, the man asked the woman to insert the SIM card in the new phone and told the process to enable credit card activation. This woman kept on doing whatever the cyber thug told her to do.

Cheated of 7 lakhs

Within a few hours of activating the credit card, the woman receives two messages of banking transactions. Then the woman came to know that her credit card has been cheated of Rs 7 lakh. This transaction took place in a jewelery shop in Bangalore. After seeing the message, the woman came to know that she had been cheated. But the banks were closed that day, so he lodged a fraud report at Khandeshwar police station the next day.

Protect yourself from Cyber ​​Fraud

You can see that by obtaining personal details like Aadhaar card, this person applied for a credit card in the name of a woman. At the same time, many important information including PIN was stolen through the pre-installed app in the Android phone. Therefore, to avoid fraud, never rely on any unknown call. Banks never ask for personal information of users on calls for credit cards or other things.

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