Indore’s pitch was told bad, MPCA did not digest this, the president said

Indore: The third Test match between India and Australia ended in less than three full days, in which Team India Got defeated by 9 wickets. of Indore Holkar Stadium This match played in the first day itself was in discussion due to the behavior of its pitch and there was a lot of criticism. After the match ended in just 7 sessions, the International Cricket Council gave it a ‘poor’ rating and also gave 3 demerit points. The Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association has now reacted to the controversy over the pitch and has expressed surprise at the rating of the ICC.

MPCA President Abhilash Khandekar has said that the pitch has given the result of this match and this pitch was prepared according to the instructions of the curators of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). MPCA chief told news agency PTI, I have come to know that this pitch has been declared bad by ICC. However, I have not seen the detailed description of the ICC rating regarding the pitch. But I have to say that this pitch has given the result of the Test match.

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Pitch made on the instructions of BCCI curators

The spinners were put on the bowling within the first half hour of the Test which started on March 1 and the pitch was taking a terrible turn from the very beginning. Because of this everyone was criticizing the pitch. Even many Indian fans and experts, supporters of the turning pitch, were surprised by the amount of rotation. Due to the continuous sharp criticism, the MPCA President did not forget to remind that the two opening Test matches played in Nagpur and Delhi also could not run for the full five days.

Khandekar said that the Holkar Stadium pitch was made as per the guidelines of BCCI’s pitch curators who had inspected the ground after reaching Holkar Stadium about eight days before the match. Sources said that two BCCI curators – Ashish Bhowmick and Tapas Chatterjee had inspected the stadium before the India-Australia Test. According to sources, the Holkar Stadium has both black and red clay pitches, but it was decided to use the black clay pitch for the India-Australia Test.

According to experts, usually the cricket ball takes less spin and bounce on the black soil pitch than the red soil pitch, but the speed of the ball also depends on the condition of the grass on the pitch.

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Pitch is heaven for batsmen

In most of the matches that have taken place in the last 17 years of MPCA’s Holkar Stadium, its pitch has proved to be very helpful for the batsmen, hence this ground has been called ‘batsmen’s paradise’. MPCA President Khandekar said, Holkar Stadium’s pitch has hosted international and domestic matches brilliantly in the past. On January 24, a one-day match was organized between India and New Zealand on this.

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