IMD Predicts Normal Monsoon In 2023, Here’s How El-Nino May Affect The Pattern

Private forecasting agency Skymet Weather said on Monday that monsoon in India will be weak this year and there is a possibility of less rain than normal. The AJC estimated a 20 percent chance of a drought due to the end of La Nina conditions and the effects of El Nino. The new forecast, after four consecutive years of normal and above-normal rainfall during the monsoon season, is a cause of great concern for India’s agriculture sector.

Meteorological Department said, Monsoon will be normal

At the same time, the India Meteorological Department has said that this time there will be monsoon. IMD Director General Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said that El Nino conditions are likely to develop during the monsoon season. Its effect can be seen during the second half of the season.

However, Skymet estimates that monsoon rainfall during the four-month period from June to September will be around 94 per cent of the long-term average (LPA) of 868.6 mm.

The private weather agency also predicted that the northern and central parts of the country are likely to receive less rain.

Accordingly, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are expected to receive inadequate rainfall during the main monsoon months of July and August. Overall, due to the effect of El-Nino this year, the agriculture sector in India, farmers and the country’s economy may suffer a setback.

What is El-Nino

The original meaning of the word El Nino is ‘the child’. This is because the stream starts flowing around Christmas and hence the name in reference to the baby Christ.

Another natural phenomenon similar to El Nino is La Nina. The word La Nina literally means ‘the little girl’. It is called the opposite of El Nino phenomenon because it causes cooling of ocean water in some parts of the Pacific Ocean. Due to both of these, along with sea changes, atmospheric conditions also change.
El Nino can be understood as a natural phenomenon in which the ocean temperature rises, especially in parts of the Pacific Ocean.

El Nino is the name of a marine phenomenon in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean, which occurs every few years in the coastal waters of Ecuador and Peru, located on the west coast of South America.

It is an upheaval in the sea and due to this the temperature of the surface water of the sea becomes higher than normal.

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