If you feel sleepy after eating, then you are a victim of postprandial somnolence, this is how to avoid it

Know why sleep comes after eating

Food Coma: Often it happens more in the afternoon that we feel sleepy after having food. This often happens after eating a lot. to this trouble postprandial somnolence They say. in layman’s terms doctor food coma Let’s say the problem. But what is the reason that we feel sleepy after having food. Let’s know what experts say about this

At Safdarjung Hospital, Dr. Deepak Suman It is said that most people have the problem of food coma in the afternoon. Some people also feel tired and lethargic along with sleepiness. People feel lazy and do not feel like working for some time.

All these problems that occur after a meal are called postprandial somnolence. The biggest reason for this problem is the change in blood circulation after meals. Those who do not eat food in the morning. After eating them in the afternoon, the blood circulation starts slowing down a bit. Due to this lethargy comes and sleep is experienced. Some people also keep yawning for several hours.

Effect of food on sleep hormone

People who eat more food, their sleep hormones start getting affected by food. Many types of neurotransmitters are released in the digestion process of food. Which also gets overlapped many times, due to which fatigue and sleepiness starts. Some research has said that this problem can last for two to four hours. In some people it can last for less than an hour. It lasts for different time in every person.

That is, you may experience postprandial somnolence even up to four hours after a meal. Although there is no research yet whether foodcoma is dangerous or not, but in some cases, post-meal fatigue can also be a symptom of diabetes. Although this does not happen in all people, but people above 50 years of age should pay attention to this sign.

How to prevent postprandial somnolence

snack in the afternoon

drink water a few minutes after a meal

get at least seven hours of sleep a night

walk a few steps after eating

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