If infected with Kovid, then the risk of this disease is high, know how to protect

Diabetes and Covid: After Corona, people are facing many types of problems. Now another information has come out about Kovid, in which Kovid and diabetes have been told.


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Corona and diabetes: Corona epidemic Three years have passed, but the serious effects of this virus are not taking its name. Research is also going on regarding this disease. Meanwhile, it has come to know that those infected with coronavirus had to stay in the ICU. within a year of their infection type 2 diabetes The probability of happening is very high. Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Canada have claimed this in their research. This research has been published in JAMA Network Open.

Research has also found that men were more likely to have diabetes than women. This research has been done under the supervision of Dr. Naveed Z Janjua, senior author of the paper and professor in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Naveed says that this study is important because it tells about the effects of Kovid.

Why the risk of diabetes increases

Endocrinologist Dr Swapnil Kumar explains that coronavirus infects beta cells in the pancreas, causing cell injury and death. In addition, the virus triggers a response in the pancreas, which produces cytokines, which damage the beta cells that produce insulin. Because of this, Kovid patients get diabetes problem. Research has shown that type 2 diabetes has been found in people who were on ICU or ventilator support during Kovid. After diabetes, people have also faced problems related to heart and obesity.

multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

It has been told in research that the cause of Kovid can be the problem of Systemic Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). However, such cases are rarely reported. But even then people who have been infected with Kovid should take care of their health even after recovering from the virus. Especially those people who were admitted in ICU due to Covid. Along with this, those people are also at risk who have been suffering from long covid for a long time.

Kovid cases are increasing continuously

Even after three years, Kovid registers its presence every few months. This time also Kovid cases are increasing since last few weeks. Although experts say that the peak of the virus may come soon.

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