If cough caused by H3N2 virus is not happening, then get this test done, the risk of infection will be less.

H3N2 Virus: in country influenza Of H3N2 virus The cases are not decreasing. 7 deaths have been registered due to this virus. From children to elders, this virus is infecting. H-3N2 is causing cough-cold, fever and headache, but in some cases the cough persists for several weeks. Doctors say influenza gets better on its own in a few days, but if Cough it’s not ending lungs infection Can be a symptom of. In such a situation, it is necessary to get some tests done.

According to experts, the influenza virus can also cause pneumonia in some cases. Which is dangerous. In such a situation, if the cough persists or there is difficulty in breathing, then the doctor should be contacted immediately. Doctors will identify the disease through CT scan or X-ray of the chest, so that any serious danger can be avoided.

Patients doing chest X-ray

Department of Pulmonology at Moolchand Hospital in Delhi Dr. Bhagwan Mantri It is said that in many patients of influenza, the problem of cough persists for two to three weeks. X-ray test of such patients is being done. This shows that there is no infection or pneumonia in the lungs. If any such problem is found, then the patient is treated according to the prescribed protocol. At present, complaints of pneumonia are being received in very few patients. In most people, the symptoms are getting better on their own.

Do not self-medicate

Dr. Minister says that due to the symptoms of flu, many patients start taking antibiotics on their own. While this should not be done. If there is a normal cough and cold, then it will get cured on its own, but if the problem is increasing then consult a doctor. Self-medication can cause a lot of harm.

In many cases, antibiotic resistance becomes a problem due to overuse of antibiotics. Due to this, the effect of medicines on the body stops, due to which there is a lot of trouble in the treatment of the patient. In the last few years, the cases of antibiotic resistance have increased a lot. In such a situation, a doctor must be consulted before taking any medicine.

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