I will never drive, Trump takes a jibe at Biden after Biden fell from his bicycle

Washington. Former President Donald Trump has taken a jibe at US President Joe Biden cycling and falling. Trump wished Biden the hope of recovery, saying, ‘I will never ride a bicycle’. Biden was recently seen cycling while on vacation in his home state of Delaware. During this, he fell due to slipping of his bicycle. Trump quipped, without naming Biden, “I hope he is fine, because as you know, he fell off his bicycle.” I promise you today that I will never go for a bicycle ride.

Former President Trump is on ‘Freedom Tour’ in America these days. Meanwhile, in a rally, he took a jibe at President Biden. ‘The Hill’ has given this report quoting him. Let us tell you, after the defeat in the presidential election, Trump left the White House last year amid a big uproar on the US Capitol. He has been an attacker on Biden since his defeat.

US President’s foot was stuck in the pedal
On Saturday, Biden arrived with wife Jill Biden for a holiday at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware state. Here he also did a bicycle. Many other people were also cycling with him. Also there were security personnel. While cycling, as soon as he stopped at one place, his foot got stuck in the pedal and he stumbled and fell.

On this, the guards posted under his protection immediately surrounded him and helped him to lift him. When Biden was asked how he fell, he said that the pedal leg of the bicycle was stuck. He also said that he has not suffered any injuries and is fine.

Stumbled on the stairs of Air Force One last month
Biden, 79, also stumbled on the stairs of the US Air Force aircraft ‘Airforce One’ last month. A similar incident happened in Atlanta last year when Biden stumbled three times down the stairs of the plane.

Trump’s son tweeted video of Biden’s fall
Trump’s son Junior Trump tweeted the video of Biden slipping and raised the question that for how long will he hold Putin responsible?

Biden is the oldest leader to hold the presidency in America. The 79-year-old Democrat leader took the oath of office on 20 January 2021. He won America’s power by defeating Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Such videos of Biden have come on many occasions. In this, they are actually falling asleep while speaking and forgetting the names of the people. Recently, while talking to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he almost fell asleep.

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